Pokemon Go APK Download for Android – Update and Features

If you have ever played Pokemon Go, you will know exactly why our article is titled this! The game that has been developed by Niantic was first released in July 2016 in a select number of countries among a lot of inhibitions due to its unique design. The players make use of the GPS feature of their mobile devices to play this game. With the help of GPS they can locate and then capture, battle and also train the virtual creatures that are popularly called Pokemon. The Pokémon appears on the screen of the device just as if a player is located at the real-world location.Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go Game New Features:

When Pokémon Go got a year old, its developer Niantic celebrated the success by updating the game and adding features to it, these are:

  1. New items added
    Like most of the usual Pokémon games, TMs or technical machines will be dropped by Raid Bosses in this one; this will allow the player to train the Pokémon some new attacks. Showbox Apk Apart from these, the players can also collect the rare candies that help to level up the Pokémon and also help to capture the monsters easily.
  2. Get Gym Badges
    Similar to the Pokémon RPGs, the players can also collect gym badges that help to show around what they have achieved in a battle. Besides these, the badges can also be used to get the new items by the players.Pokemon go apk
  3. Better Pokѐ stop indicators
    The Poke stops that can be visited were earlier defined using the blue and purple color coding systems. In the updated version of Pokémon Go apk, they also have huge rings around them .This makes it much more clear and obvious to the players while the players who might be color blind also get to benefit from this.
  4. Better search feature
    Earlier it used to be difficult to scroll all the number of Pokémon that one had. But the updated version of the game features a refined search bar in the Pokedex where the player can type in the name of the Pokémon and can directly jump to the stat page of that Pokémon. Both the name and the nickname of the Pokémon can be used for the purpose of search.
    Pokemon go apk
  5. Better Gym Battling

Gym battling has been made much more interesting in the updated version of the game. Six different Pokémon can live inside the gym and they need to be taken out of there in the order in which they were put in. Two same creatures cannot be in a gym at the same time.

Pokemon Go Download APK for Android  :

Download for Pokemon GO 1.43.1 for iOS and 0.73.1 for Android APK are currently taking off by means of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store individually.

Pokemon GO fans ought to be getting energized appropriate about now, with the amusement’s makers Niantic declaring that there are two recently refreshed adaptations of the diversion now prepared and taking off.

With regards to refreshes, Niantic does not generally expound in the matter of what it has changed in each new arrival of Pokemon GO Apk, Shareit for PC and keeping in mind that this discharge does not plunge too profoundly into what can be normal as a component of the refresh, there is no less than an accumulation of visual cues that will hold any importance with fanatics of the amusement, and some of those are certainly worth focusing on.

While the already reported enormous redo of the way rec centers work and new Raid Battle highlight in Pokemon GO unquestionably got the majority of the features, there were a few changes in the present discharge that merits a tiny bit of consideration. For instance, Trainers would now be able to turn the Photo Disk at Gym, something that will be thankfully gotten by those with Pokemon games Plus frill.

The refreshed bug settle 1.43.1/0.73.1 downloads are taking off now and will probably be accessible to everybody when this is perused by them. We propose you download the updates as quickly as time permits to get the best accessible experience.


There were a lot of mixed reviews when Pokémon Go apk was released initially. But now the facts are fast and clear-an average American spends approximately 45 minutes every day playing Pokémon Go Face book is making an income of around 16 lacs with this every single day and you can well imagine its addiction with the reports that there have been serious loss to lives while playing this game!


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